Friday, February 11, 2011

{the head bobber}

You know the feeling.

You are so tired that trying to keep your eyes open seems like the next Mission Impossible. Despite all efforts to keep your lids from shutting you give into the burn. And boy does it feel good; like dousing a fire with a splash of cold water. Oh the relief!

Slowly you begin drifting into dream land. You are partly aware of the conversations going around about you; but the other part of you is getting lost in the abyss of sleep.

Just as that sleep is about to consume you, all the muscles in your neck relax and before you know it, your head has bounced down then up again, rudely awakening you back to real life.

Who knows how long you were asleep? 5 seconds or 5 minutes…it’s hard to tell. Either way, your head bobbed you back to reality. Darn.

But just wait, the burning will be back and the cycle will repeat itself.

How do I keep myself from being a head bobber? I mercilessly laugh at those who are! I caught this unfortunate soul bobbing his life away in Political Science yesterday.

Poor guy. He should probably stop staying up so late doing “homework” (aka facebook stalking, you tube watching, and web surfing) and get some sleep.

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