Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Well school has officially begun. It is crazy to be back because i feel like i never left. London and North Carolina are beginning to feel like distant dreams and it feels as though i am lost in the abyss of Provo and School. The first couple days have been good so far...but whatever happened to easing back into things? My professors make it seem as though we are in the middle of a semester! Seriously, 2 papers this week, a quiz, and about a bagillion pages of reading--hello! What in the world is that about. That's BYU for ya. But how lucky am I to be attending school here...paying incredibly cheap (and by cheap i mean in comparison) tuition, surrounded by amazing students and friends, and taking classes that make me want to turn into a sponge so that i can soak everything up. I would say i am pretty lucky. It's going to be a heavy load this semester; from Physiology and PD Bio to Critical Inquiry and Human Development, plus a religion class. wow baby...bring it on! However if i don't make it out alive, i would like roses at my funeral. Last night at a work orientation we were playing a get to know you game. I was asked what i want to do with my life when i am old and decrepit. My response was this: After i golf St. Andrews in Scotland, i want to build a house in North Carolina on the beach...with a room for my shoes, and a library with a ladder and a fireplace. Maybe if i make it through school alive, i can get a decent job and actually make enough money to allow all that and more come to pass!

And in just 2 days of school i have already managed to trip up a staircase, make small talk with a professor after he "blessed me" for sneezing 5 times in a row, see lots of familiar faces (good and bad!), hold up a massive line in the bookstore while using three different methods to pay for my oh so expensive books, and get behind in my homework...ALREADY! i think that is a sign that i should wrap this entry up and be, whats the word? Oh yeah, studious. Goodbye blog and hello books!


I am starting a new job this semester...i am a computer lab assistant. Yeah i know what you are thinking: "Brianna, a COMPUTER lab assistant?" well i have broadened my horizons folks. Watch out BYU computer labs, Brianna is coming your way.

Things i am scared of:
-Being fired for breaking a computer
-Being fired for not being able to answer people's questions
-Being fired for forgetting to lock the computer labs and coming the next morning only to find all of them missing!
-Being fired for forgetting to punch in
-Being fired for forgetting to do inventory
-Being fired!

Ah! Deep breaths...I am completely capable right?

Sunday, August 22, 2010


I am moving back to Provo tomorrow. I love school and i love Provo, but it is always hard to go back. This is why...I love:

1. sharing a room with my sister
2. the smell of my house when i walk in the front door
3. family movie nights with the extended family
4. driving on familiar roads
5. sitting in my front yard and throwing a stick for my dog
6. my kitchen...packed full of sweets and homemade baked goods
7. the sunsets as seen from my deck
8. running errands with my mom
9. recording new episodes of Hannah Montana and SYTYCD and watching them with Kate
10. laughing at the sound the downstairs toilet makes with every flush
11. starting a line in a song and hearing it being finished at the other end of my house
12. being 5 minutes away from my best friend Kirstyn
13. our hammock
14. listening to Michael giggle at what he is watching on TV
15. sitting downstairs and recognizing the footsteps of different family members upstairs

The list could go on forever, but no matter how much i love my house and the people who live in it, life must go on and it is back to Provo again. So Adios Salt Lake City, it's been a fabulous summer!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


I just finished reading the 7th Harry Potter book...i read the series every summer...an obsessive tradition i just can't bare to break. Well at the conclusion of the book i had an epiphany:

J.K. Rowling NEEDS to write a PREQUEL to the HP series. Ummm can you say genius?! I mean, how many times does she refer to "the first time the Voldemort was at large"? and how many times have i wondered how James and Lily really got together when she supposedly hated his guts? And who wouldn't want to read all about the original Order of the Phoenix?!

I can't get this brilliant idea out of my mind. It must be done.

Another series i am obsessed with: THE HUNGER GAMES! life changing. Only 3 more days until the third book of the trilogy comes out. Can i get a boo yeah? Katniss here i come! And just for the record i am a Peetah fan all the way. Gale can just go to...perhaps i shouldn't finish that sentence; it is a bit harsh. But you get my gist. 3 more days!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

{Here Goes Nothin}

Well i have officially given up trying to be a "good blogger" and have decided to move forward with this project. Forget about cute backgrounds and formats...let the writing begin! So for my first blog post i originally thought that it would be best to write about something extremely significant or life changing. But then i started thinking too hard...and that is never good, ha ha. So instead i thought i would just begin as though i have been keeping this blog forever and am only posting the next thing that has come to mind. Sooooo i decided to write about, drum roll please............my family. I love them to death. From my parents, to my siblings, to my extended family, to my dog! My siblings and my cousins are my best friends and they have shaped me into the person i am today. When i am around my family i laugh, cry, act silly, sleep, eat, play, discuss, learn, and have FUN. It doesn't get much better than that. I could make this post 100 pages long and it would still not give my family the justice they deserve; Instead i will just say that i LOVE them to death. So back to what i said earlier...i suppose i did choose the write about extremely significant and life changing. Thank you family, for being so wonderfully wonderful...hug hug kees kees.

Monday, August 9, 2010


please work, please please please work