Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Well school has officially begun. It is crazy to be back because i feel like i never left. London and North Carolina are beginning to feel like distant dreams and it feels as though i am lost in the abyss of Provo and School. The first couple days have been good so far...but whatever happened to easing back into things? My professors make it seem as though we are in the middle of a semester! Seriously, 2 papers this week, a quiz, and about a bagillion pages of reading--hello! What in the world is that about. That's BYU for ya. But how lucky am I to be attending school here...paying incredibly cheap (and by cheap i mean in comparison) tuition, surrounded by amazing students and friends, and taking classes that make me want to turn into a sponge so that i can soak everything up. I would say i am pretty lucky. It's going to be a heavy load this semester; from Physiology and PD Bio to Critical Inquiry and Human Development, plus a religion class. wow baby...bring it on! However if i don't make it out alive, i would like roses at my funeral. Last night at a work orientation we were playing a get to know you game. I was asked what i want to do with my life when i am old and decrepit. My response was this: After i golf St. Andrews in Scotland, i want to build a house in North Carolina on the beach...with a room for my shoes, and a library with a ladder and a fireplace. Maybe if i make it through school alive, i can get a decent job and actually make enough money to allow all that and more come to pass!

And in just 2 days of school i have already managed to trip up a staircase, make small talk with a professor after he "blessed me" for sneezing 5 times in a row, see lots of familiar faces (good and bad!), hold up a massive line in the bookstore while using three different methods to pay for my oh so expensive books, and get behind in my homework...ALREADY! i think that is a sign that i should wrap this entry up and be, whats the word? Oh yeah, studious. Goodbye blog and hello books!

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