Tuesday, July 3, 2012

cute little cousins

I have an  informal, summer/before i get married/before i move to New York, bucket list. 

I haven't written it down because it seems that wedding planning takes priority these days (which i love)and i don't want to be disappointed when i have a very uncrossed-off list come September.  BUT i am happy to say that after this past weekend i can check another thing off my mental list. 

And that was to hang out with these cute boys:

My sister and i got to babysit my cute cousins this weekend and it was a complete blast. Lansing, Dawson, and Preston are ALL boy that's for sure. and i sure do love them. From games, to water balloon fights, to cupcakes, to wrestling, it was a perfect weekend. They are definitely on my list of things i am going to miss the most when i move to New York in a couple months and i am SO glad i got to spend some time with them!!

Who knows what i will cross off next on my bucket list, but i am getting excited to cross off another wedding to-do...taking my bridals! Can't wait to wear my dress tonight :)