Friday, January 28, 2011

{it's official}

Maybe he is just a normal human being. Maybe not...

Either way, I have been Jimmered. And apparently Michelangelo was too!

P.S. The phrase "Jimmered" was successfully added to the urban dictionary. It's about time for Mr. Webster to hop on that train, don't ya think??

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


My roommate Leah showed this to me the other day...

Funny huh?!

I have the best roommates in the world...

So glad this comic is completely inapplicable to us!

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Um Monster

I have a problem.

I’m having a difficult time paying attention to one of my professors when she lectures. She says “um” after practically every word. And you know when someone says a word so redundantly that is becomes the only thing you here?

“Um…blah blah blah…um…blah…um….blah blah blah”

And then what else is there to do but tune out because it’s so annoying?

My mother tells me I have this problem with the word like. She’s probably right.

Anyway…I finally decided to keep a tally in my notebook of how many times my professor said “um”.

Time limit: 10 minutes

Number of Ums: 113

And this is no exaggeration people. In fact, I bet I even missed a few…they all started to blend together the dang word was used so often!

Wow baby…it’s going to be a loooong semester! I don’t um, know, um, quite how to um, deal with it!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

{the 5k}

So I’ve run a couple half-marathons and a few other races down the road (HA no pun intended), but this was definitely a first…

I ran a snowshoe race! A few of my roommates ran it as well and we had an absolute blast.

First of all, snowshoeing is the bomb. Second of all, racing in snowshoes is HILARIOUS (not to mention a workout)!

It was definitely the highlight of my weekend. That, AND spending a miraculous 2 days with my family at our condo in Park City!

Thank you MLK!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I am homesick. Not for my home in salt lake (though I do miss it like crazy) and not for my apartment in Provo, but for London. Every so often I get that pang in my stomach that can only be identified and recognized when you crave and want something so badly that you can’t have. I would give anything to go to London right now. And I would give even more to be back there with all of my London Pals. My study abroad was the most life changing experience i have ever had and i miss it like crazy! One day, I will go back to London…who knows, maybe I will even live there. But for now, I will just cling to my memories and the dream of returning!

Top 10 things I learned in London:

1. Look up

2. Do not cut in the Queue

3. Socialized medicine stinks.

4. Always bring an umbrella

5. 40 strangers can become your best friends

6. Smile no matter what the day might bring

7. Eat at least one piece of chocolate every day

8. Americans are clamorous…embarrassing as it may be, sometimes you just have to embrace it

9. Work hard. Play hard. Sleep hard.

10. When in doubt, just hop on the tube.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


It's 11:11 1/11/11


Just saying.

Okay i lied, it's not really 11:11 right now, but it will be sooooon!

Now I'm off to bed and there is ZERO chance i will be awake at 11:11.

I guess i will try for 11:11 on 11/11/11...even better!

{winter whining}

Wow baby. Can you say COLD??? Not only did the inside of my nose freeze on the way home from campus but I'm pretty sure my eyeballs did too. No joke. Shouldn't it be illegal to go out in weather that makes your body completely nonfunctional (aka BYU, plleeeaase cancel class on frigid days such as this one)?

I can handle a December winter. The snow is all pretty and new; and what’s Christmas without a little snow?

It’s that biting cold, let’s pretend to be happy it’s a new year even though nobody actually is, nasty snow, inversion air you are afraid to inhale, awful January cold, that I just can’t handle.

When i walk around on campus i don't see smiley happy faces. I see bright red cheeks, squinty eyes, pained expressions, and puffs of breath coming out every mouth…and my face is even worse! There is black ice barely hidden under a layer of snow, eagerly waiting the next footstep so it can cruelly cause its victim to fall to the ground. Somehow there is always snow afloat too…whether it comes from the sky or a nearby tree, it’s hard to tell…but it’s always there. Lastly, there are the ever present gusts of wind that chill you to the bone causing your heart to shiver first and the rest of your body to shake in a chain like reaction.

Whew, I am cold just thinking about it and I am even in the confines of a lovely, warm BYU facility. Maybe if I skiied I would appreciate this weather that has so unfortunately befallen Utah. But since I don’t, I feel completely justified in complaining a little bit (a lot) right here on the pages of my blog.

Before you sign off with the impression that I am the world’s largest cynic, let me add a positive thought to this pessimistic post! There is ONE good thing about winter, and that is this: Cute layered clothes and jackets paired with hats, scarves, and mittens galore. I love the way people look in their winter attire.

Too bad no amount of cute winter clothing will keep you warm in this weather.

Hmm...that last line may or may not have canceled out any positive thought i tried to convey.