Thursday, January 13, 2011


I am homesick. Not for my home in salt lake (though I do miss it like crazy) and not for my apartment in Provo, but for London. Every so often I get that pang in my stomach that can only be identified and recognized when you crave and want something so badly that you can’t have. I would give anything to go to London right now. And I would give even more to be back there with all of my London Pals. My study abroad was the most life changing experience i have ever had and i miss it like crazy! One day, I will go back to London…who knows, maybe I will even live there. But for now, I will just cling to my memories and the dream of returning!

Top 10 things I learned in London:

1. Look up

2. Do not cut in the Queue

3. Socialized medicine stinks.

4. Always bring an umbrella

5. 40 strangers can become your best friends

6. Smile no matter what the day might bring

7. Eat at least one piece of chocolate every day

8. Americans are clamorous…embarrassing as it may be, sometimes you just have to embrace it

9. Work hard. Play hard. Sleep hard.

10. When in doubt, just hop on the tube.


  1. Funny!!! I was just about to do a post like this! :) I miss it like crazy too... I think about London every day

  2. Brianna, you're like my real life taylor swift. You always write exactly how I feel!!
    Now, sing it. :)