Friday, January 7, 2011

The Twin

Well the good news is i survived my first week back at school! Boo. Yes. I definitely had my doubts.

The bad news is (or should i say normal news?) I began the semester with yet another embarrassing moment. I had just walked into the Wilkinson Center on campus and from a distance i saw my roommate's Aunt Christine. I've met and talked with her a few times and wanted to say hello so i shouted her name:


Hmm, maybe she didn't hear me...


Wow either she is deaf or i need to speak up (and due to the gosh dang loudness of my shout, i was beginning to think it was the former). At this point i quickened my pace and walked right up to her...

"Hey Christine!"

That's weird, why is she looking at me like i am crazy?

oh. yikes. That is NOT Christine.

With bright red cheeks and a wounded pride i gestured a "woops" face and a slight shrug of shoulders in her direction; then my mortification overtook me and i booked it in the opposite direction.

Ummm, Aunt Christine? Did you know you have a twin walking around BYU's campus?? Just thought you should know...i mean, i would want to know if i had an unknown twin wandering around somewhere.

And so...the embarrassing moments continue!

On the bright side, only 188 more days to Harry Potter.

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