Tuesday, January 11, 2011

{winter whining}

Wow baby. Can you say COLD??? Not only did the inside of my nose freeze on the way home from campus but I'm pretty sure my eyeballs did too. No joke. Shouldn't it be illegal to go out in weather that makes your body completely nonfunctional (aka BYU, plleeeaase cancel class on frigid days such as this one)?

I can handle a December winter. The snow is all pretty and new; and what’s Christmas without a little snow?

It’s that biting cold, let’s pretend to be happy it’s a new year even though nobody actually is, nasty snow, inversion air you are afraid to inhale, awful January cold, that I just can’t handle.

When i walk around on campus i don't see smiley happy faces. I see bright red cheeks, squinty eyes, pained expressions, and puffs of breath coming out every mouth…and my face is even worse! There is black ice barely hidden under a layer of snow, eagerly waiting the next footstep so it can cruelly cause its victim to fall to the ground. Somehow there is always snow afloat too…whether it comes from the sky or a nearby tree, it’s hard to tell…but it’s always there. Lastly, there are the ever present gusts of wind that chill you to the bone causing your heart to shiver first and the rest of your body to shake in a chain like reaction.

Whew, I am cold just thinking about it and I am even in the confines of a lovely, warm BYU facility. Maybe if I skiied I would appreciate this weather that has so unfortunately befallen Utah. But since I don’t, I feel completely justified in complaining a little bit (a lot) right here on the pages of my blog.

Before you sign off with the impression that I am the world’s largest cynic, let me add a positive thought to this pessimistic post! There is ONE good thing about winter, and that is this: Cute layered clothes and jackets paired with hats, scarves, and mittens galore. I love the way people look in their winter attire.

Too bad no amount of cute winter clothing will keep you warm in this weather.

Hmm...that last line may or may not have canceled out any positive thought i tried to convey.

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  1. You forgot the part about scraping off an iced over car!