Monday, January 24, 2011

The Um Monster

I have a problem.

I’m having a difficult time paying attention to one of my professors when she lectures. She says “um” after practically every word. And you know when someone says a word so redundantly that is becomes the only thing you here?

“Um…blah blah blah…um…blah…um….blah blah blah”

And then what else is there to do but tune out because it’s so annoying?

My mother tells me I have this problem with the word like. She’s probably right.

Anyway…I finally decided to keep a tally in my notebook of how many times my professor said “um”.

Time limit: 10 minutes

Number of Ums: 113

And this is no exaggeration people. In fact, I bet I even missed a few…they all started to blend together the dang word was used so often!

Wow baby…it’s going to be a loooong semester! I don’t um, know, um, quite how to um, deal with it!!


  1. Oh my gosh! That's hilarious.. and also awful for you! Thanks for sharing though :) I love that you kept tallies! So funny.

  2. ever since you told me this, it's all i think about when im in her class. ahh!