Saturday, January 28, 2012

it makes the world go round

I love chocolate. No, i adore chocolate. Its like the sun to my earth: I can't live without it, it makes me feel good no matter what, and i crave it 24/7. I know, I sound a little crazy; but i speak the truth. Chocolate makes the world go round.

Anyway, i have a list about a million miles long of why i love chocolate, and the list gained one more reason yesterday. See for yourself...

Such a random and funny commercial could only chocolate. I laughed so hard when i first saw this, and then do you want to know what I did? I ate a piece of chocolate :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Home Again

Welp, I’m back in Utah with the trip I’ve been anxiously awaiting FOREVER, behind me.

NY was an absolute blast. It was so fun to see my sister Chelsea and her husband Todd. And can I just say how much I love being an aunt? It is the absolute best. My nephew Jayden is as cute as they come. There wasn’t a time over the 5 days I was with him that he wasn’t making me laugh or smile in some way.

Aside from the plague (aka the throw-up flu) that hit the household (aka Chelsea, Jayden, and me) the trip was perfect. From visiting the house that my mom grew up in, to seeing “Memphis”, to train rides, to amazing grocery stores, to the city, to laughing ourselves silly...I loved it all. Leaving was almost unbearable.

On our way to the city

The Mayan Calendar (in the Natural History Museum). I read it and don't worry, the world is most definitely not ending this year.

Time Square. You can't tell in the slightest, but the sky was b-e-a-utiful.

The house that my mom grew up in!

Cooking with wine for dinner. That was definitely a first.

View from the top. NY isn't exactly the most scenic place in the winter, haha

Central Park, which was frigid by the way. Here is the conclusion we came to: Utah cold--makes you cold from the inside out- heart, bones, and all. New York cold--similar to putting your face on an ice block. Your skin literally freezes. Brrrrr. At one point i couldnt pronounce my b's or my p's because my face was too frozen.

Jayden fell down the stairs and got a little goose egg. And when i say little i mean monstrous.

Eating at the Shake Shack where i partook of my first hamburger since September! Take that jaw. Yummmmm.

And now I’m back in Provo where school and microwave dinners are a harsh reality and all I have are these pictures to cling to, to remind me that New York wasn’t just a dream!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


So i know I told you I would be posting a couple times a week for one of my classes this semester…but I changed my mind! If you ever get a hankering to read about my opinions in regards to the media (which I just found out will consume about 8,788 days of my life…yikes) you can visit a different blog I recently created:


On the bad news front…school is ridiculous and I already feel like I am in the middle of a semester; crazy professors, long assignments, too much reading, and quizzes galore. Jealous?

On the good news front…

I’m going to New York tomorrow!!!!

Ah! I guess school will just have to wait :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Pinterest (hw)

Soooo this semester I am enrolled in a class all about media. One of our assignments is to post regularly on a blog about anything media related. Rather than creating a new blog I decided I would just use this one. Lucky you, right? You get to read my homework assignments all semester! Anyway, if you see a post with an (hw) at the end of the title, you'll know it is a homework assignment.

Hopefully you will still be thoroughly entertained.

So without further ado…

Pinterest: the relatively new craze sweeping the globe one pin at a time.

It’s a pretty neat website if you think about it…pinning an eclectic collection of photos, fashion trends, recipes, and other “favorites” to a personal account on the web, to be viewed by you and others for time and all eternity. I’ve even avoided getting it for months because I recognized said "neatness". I also knew it was going to be a *time sucker and goodness knows I don’t need any more of those.

BUT about mid-December I finally caved and joined the pinners out there. I created myself an account and began trying to figure out the glorified website.

4 weeks later though, in a fit of frustration at the emails filling up my inbox, the followers I didn’t know, and the sheer lack of interest in said website, I deleted my account. Gasp!

I know I know…there are millions of girls out there weeping in my behalf for all that I will be missing out on without a pinterest account. BUT I’m feeling pretty good about this life changing decision. My views and actions in regards to pinterest are probably unique, maybe even one of a kind, but hey…I just got 2 hours a day of my life back, so I'm feeling pretty good!

*time sucker: a relatively pointless activity that is often easy to get addicted to and sucks away precious time that you don’t even have in the first place.