Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I had the best day today...

Want to know why?

I got to spend a few short hours with the sunshine of my life!

Yup you heard me. My dog is the sunshine of my life.

Crazy? Obsessive?


But I just don’t care because it’s the truth.

So thank you Soph, for making a regular ol' Wednesday just marvelous!

Friday, March 25, 2011

{a few thoughts}

Repeat after me: I love Utah, I love Utah, I love Utah, I love Utah.

Mainly I am telling myself to repeat after me, because currently I do NOT love Utah! In fact, I am feeling pretty angry at Utah right now. Snow? SNOW???? Ah!!!!!! I can’t handle this!

Whenever people at BYU hear me complain about the snow or the cold they ask “aren’t you from Utah? Shouldn’t you be used to this?” Well in answer to that question…I will never. ever. be used to winter weather. I will continue to dream of my perfect world where it snows 3 days a year: Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Years. Yup, that sounds pretty good right about now as I look despairingly out my window at the large frozen puffs of snow whirling to the ground.

Speaking of snow, there isn’t any snow in the movie “Tangled”. Which is reason number 89 why it's the best movie in the world. But seriously! The movie is pure genius. I want magic hair and I want to see the floating lanterns. And has anyone else ever coveted the over-sized princess eyes present in every Disney movie? Well I have…until I picture what eyes the size of eggs would look like in real life…yikes! Perhaps is it better they remain cartoon.

Welp, that’s it for me today. The weekend starts….NOW. Happy Friday!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

having a hard time with...

The *PDA couples on campus.

It would not be a normal day on campus if I didn’t run into at least a few of these said couples. And when I say PDA I am referring specifically to the lingerers. Confused? Let me explain.

The lingerers are those couples you see every so often bidding each other goodbye for their life-long separation of approximately one class period (aka 50 minutes). These couples can’t bear the thought of being without their other half for more than a second.

As a result they stand hand in hand facing their counterpart, looking into each others eyes (for who knows how long) with that puppy dog expression similar to the one seen on a confused child just as their favorite toy is taken away. In rare cases, the female may even experience the bubble of water that clouds over the eyes just before the tears begin to fall; and if that isn’t enough, this exasperating eye contact will inevitably be followed by a lingering hug.

This isn’t just a cute aw they are in love, kind of hug. It is the kind of hug that makes you feel like a total intruder on an incredibly private moment; and while the couple embraces, their faces take on a new expression. An expression most similar to the pained look one might display on their face as they witness a beloved pet get hit by a car.

And who knows what happens when the lingering hug ends. I myself have never actually witnessed the big finale (evidence to the lingering hug’s longevity)!

Call me a cynic, but really?

Lingering huggers, can’t you have your moment away from the public view?

*PDA: Public Display of Affection

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Busy but GOOD!

Either my life is extremely boring right now or extremely busy, because I haven’t blogged in forever. I’m going to go with the latter of the two options though to make my life look a little more exciting.

It’s true though…I’m busy! Today for example:

9:00am-7:30pm classes and work without a break; and the cherry on top is I get to take a test at 8pm! Yes! Woot woot, I love exams!!

Sarcasm anybody?

On a positive note, the weather has been absolutely beautiful and I have used my free time to go for rides on the scoot scoot. The wind in my hair, the power of speed (ish), and the funny looks I get from people as I laugh my way up the road, are the BEST.


Nothing beats 10pm runs for Dairy Queen Blizzards with my roommies to reward ourselves for (cough cough) 10 minutes of studying.

Yup I’d say life is pretty good right now.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Jimmer Frediculous

52 points. Enough said.

The boy is a God, changing the world one jump shot at a time.

Go Cougs!!

ps. I've been trying to figure out how he makes this kind of shot. The only plausible answer I've come up with is by defying the laws of gravity. Impossible? Not for Jimmer, apparently.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

look what i found

I came across this photo today when i was doing "homework"...

Oh how i miss these girls and of course, London.

Also, everyone should see "Legally Blonde" on Broadway if they get the chance.

You won't regret it.

In fact, you will probably laugh harder than you have ever laughed in your whole entire life- it's that funny.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Sometimes I ask myself why on earth it is snowing.

Sometimes, I get my answer.

Like tonight for example, when I found out the incredibly attractive boy I have been staring at all semester is in a relationship with some other girl.

How is this my answer you might ask?

It is snowing because the earth is crying for my loss and this incredibly sad situation.

Precipitation= the earth’s tears on my behalf.

Thanks for being so sensitive mother earth (unlike said boy).

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Oh. My. Bieber.

I saw this movie last night and fell in LOVE. Yes i loved the Biebs before but this just sealed the deal. This kid is gifted and soooo dang cute! Don't worry Selena, I don't love him in a romantic kind of way. In fact as i was watching the movie i found myself comparing him to my little brother. Either way, I am obsessed. I want to see the movie every day for the rest of my life.

Justin Bieber has stolen my heart.