Friday, March 25, 2011

{a few thoughts}

Repeat after me: I love Utah, I love Utah, I love Utah, I love Utah.

Mainly I am telling myself to repeat after me, because currently I do NOT love Utah! In fact, I am feeling pretty angry at Utah right now. Snow? SNOW???? Ah!!!!!! I can’t handle this!

Whenever people at BYU hear me complain about the snow or the cold they ask “aren’t you from Utah? Shouldn’t you be used to this?” Well in answer to that question…I will never. ever. be used to winter weather. I will continue to dream of my perfect world where it snows 3 days a year: Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Years. Yup, that sounds pretty good right about now as I look despairingly out my window at the large frozen puffs of snow whirling to the ground.

Speaking of snow, there isn’t any snow in the movie “Tangled”. Which is reason number 89 why it's the best movie in the world. But seriously! The movie is pure genius. I want magic hair and I want to see the floating lanterns. And has anyone else ever coveted the over-sized princess eyes present in every Disney movie? Well I have…until I picture what eyes the size of eggs would look like in real life…yikes! Perhaps is it better they remain cartoon.

Welp, that’s it for me today. The weekend starts….NOW. Happy Friday!!!

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  1. i love how after 480 you were just standing inside the JKB not wanting to go outside in that snow. i thought an hour later when i was walking to the car that you were probably still inside the JKB just staring out the window as the storm only got worse haha