Friday, March 4, 2011



Yesterday I took a little bathroom break in between classes. As I was about to leave my stall I ran into one of those stupid hooks on the back of the doors. Apparently people like to hang things up? Well thanks to the hook I now have a purple bruise the size of china on my arm. It hurt like the dickens and in my pain I gasped and then moaned rather loudly. I realized mid moan that everyone else in the bathroom could hear me and was probably thinking “oh my, what is going on in there?”


Oh well, I hope someone at least laughed. Sometimes I think the funniest experiences happen in a public restroom.

Second occurrence of the day: My cousin and I were walking through the bookstore and we stopped to smell some candles on display; all of which smelled vile by the way. But there was one in particular that was especially stinky. I pulled the pretty purple, lavender scented candle from the shelf and took a whiff, only to be consumed by the foul smell of sausage. Sausage! I have witnesses. How gross is that? And why on earth would a lavender candle smell like that? No wonder they were on sale.

To add to the randomness of this post, guess what? One of my favorite cereals from London has hit the shelves in our very own grocery stores.


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