Wednesday, March 23, 2011

having a hard time with...

The *PDA couples on campus.

It would not be a normal day on campus if I didn’t run into at least a few of these said couples. And when I say PDA I am referring specifically to the lingerers. Confused? Let me explain.

The lingerers are those couples you see every so often bidding each other goodbye for their life-long separation of approximately one class period (aka 50 minutes). These couples can’t bear the thought of being without their other half for more than a second.

As a result they stand hand in hand facing their counterpart, looking into each others eyes (for who knows how long) with that puppy dog expression similar to the one seen on a confused child just as their favorite toy is taken away. In rare cases, the female may even experience the bubble of water that clouds over the eyes just before the tears begin to fall; and if that isn’t enough, this exasperating eye contact will inevitably be followed by a lingering hug.

This isn’t just a cute aw they are in love, kind of hug. It is the kind of hug that makes you feel like a total intruder on an incredibly private moment; and while the couple embraces, their faces take on a new expression. An expression most similar to the pained look one might display on their face as they witness a beloved pet get hit by a car.

And who knows what happens when the lingering hug ends. I myself have never actually witnessed the big finale (evidence to the lingering hug’s longevity)!

Call me a cynic, but really?

Lingering huggers, can’t you have your moment away from the public view?

*PDA: Public Display of Affection

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  1. I love how you say "the female" like you're observing a nature show about wild animals. Good stuff!