Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Happenings


Halloween is always the most interesting holiday on a college campus. I don’t know what it is like at other schools but at BYU you see some pretty strange costumes. I promise I'm not a creeper, but i couldn't resist snapping a few photos...

Peter Pan...or an elf. I wasn't quite sure.

Daisy studying hard

Pretty in pink (photo credit: Rob Craig)

Not really sure who he is supposed to be, but I wonder where he got that polar bear to drape over his shoulder...

And it turns out the best costumes were harder to document. I didn’t even get pictures of the life-size whoopee cushion, the kissing booth, or the gargantuan peacock.


Today I went walking into my class like any other day; I climbed over people through the narrow rows to get to my seat in practically the middle of the classroom, took off my back pack, and sat down. The chair I sat down in, mind you, was one of those fold chairs that in all honesty just shouldn’t exist; for when I sat down there was a loud pop, the seat went came off the hinge and I went plop. Yes I broke the chair (though I’d like to think someone was playing a mean practical joke), yes lots of people saw, and yes I turned the color of a tomato. It was really fun.


I ATE A SANDWICH TODAY. Yup, you heard me…I ate a sandwich. After my appointment last week, my doctor officially gave me the go ahead to start eating more than just soft foods! As it turns out, eating a sandwich was pretty difficult and I ended up breaking into lots of pieces. But nonetheless I was pretty excited!

All in all, I'd call today a success.

(minus the broken chair part)

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

i have a problem...

...I know what you all are thinking—which one, right? But I’m speaking specifically of my alarm problem.

I sleep through my alarm literally every morning. It doesn’t matter what sound it makes, how loud it is, or where I put it. I don't wake up. Its gotten to the point where I might as well not even set the dang thing.

Last night when I went to sleep I put my alarm all the way across the room so I would have to get out of bed to turn it off. When I woke up this morning I groggily realized that it was much too light outside and I felt much too awake. Not again! Oh well, I love being an hour late for work. NOT.

And that trick of putting my alarm clock far away was a total bust, because when I woke up this morning I was holding my alarm clock in my hands.

How does that even happen?

I think I need to get more sleep. Either that or I need to invite the Utah Symphony, complete with symbols, drums, and every other loud instrument you can think of, to be my personal wake-up call in the mornings.

I’ll try the former first, but desperate times call for desperate measures…

Saturday, October 22, 2011

how i feel...

This morning while at work, I passed what appeared to be a wrestling convention on campus. Can I just say how weird I feel about it? Sorry to all you wrestling fans out there, but people (aka grown men) should not be allowed to dress or behave like that in public. I’m feeling just a little bit scarred at the moment. Yikes.

Also, this morning I’m feeling pretty bummed I have to miss the football game due to homework overload. In all my time here at college I don’t think I’ve ever had a busier week than what next week is looking like. I've probably said that a dozen times before, but this week trumps all. seriously. Here's what is on the agenda: 4 exams, 2 projects, a book report, and 15 hours of work. Oh man. I know I’ll survive because somehow I always do, but at the moment I’ve got a pretty big pit in my stomach!

And, is anybody else completely shocked at the date? October 22nd? How in the world did that happen?! It feels like it was just barely Labor Day. Time goes by much too quickly. I was thinking the other day that it would be pretty cool if you could borrow time. Like next week for example, when I’ll be busier than Santa Clause on Christmas Eve; wouldn’t it be cool if I could borrow time from someone not quite as busy. Like, “Hey do mind if I steal a few hours from you on Wednesday?” followed by, “Oh go ahead, you need them much more than I do!” That would be nice.

Aaaaand last but not least, let the countdown begin:

273 days until the Outer Banks!

What i wouldn't give to be there right now...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

10 thoughts

1. I love Autumn

2. Bugs have a mind of their own.

Take this weekend for example: You know those big nasty bugs that look like mosquitoes from dinosaur times because they are so big? Well one of those was on the windshield of my car when I headed up to work. It had all of its legs evenly dispersed on the glass but as my vehicle picked up speed it was struggling to hang on. Slowly but surely, he began slipping; and I watched as first one leg went flying backward; then another, then another, until all that was left was one leg keeping him on the car. His body was flailing around in the wind but he was gripping on like mad. It’s like the equivalent to mechanical bull riding or something. I am happy to say the journey was a success for that buggy. Tell me that little guy didn’t know what he was doing…

3. When it rains, it pours

4. Sophie is, and always will be, the light of my life

5. I play chicken and lose chicken every day

To those of you unfamiliar with chicken, it’s the game you play when walking, well, anywhere. Say a person is coming towards you. They are walking on the same path that you are. One of you has got to move or else face collision. To win chicken you’ve got to be the last man standing—the one that didn’t veer from their original path. On what seems to be a daily basis, I find myself playing said game. I see a person coming towards me and I can’t resist. So, I determinedly march forward, intent on winning; victory will be mine. But the individual playing with me (knowingly or unknowingly) never seems to move! Gosh. You’d think BYU students, of all people, would be a little more courteous. I always find myself jumping out of the way just in the nick of time; and on a rare occasion even experiencing the crash. Either I am the only one that plays this game or campus is full of chicken champs.

6. I’ve got pretty great roommates…the best, actually.

7. I’ve thought about Thanksgiving every day this past week and I think it might be my favorite holiday (though I’ll probably say that about Christmas once November has passed)!

8. My sister is having a baby in March and I CAN’T WAIT!!!!! New baby has got some competition though seeing as his/her older brother is about the most adorable child to grace the planet

9. The only pain comparable to stubbing a toe or getting a paper cut is childbirth. And seeing as I’ve never experienced childbirth, I’m going to assume that there is no worse pain than stubbing a toe or getting a paper cut. Unless you did them at the same time…

10. Not that I will, but what if I fail my marriage prep exam? What exactly does that mean?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

{soft foods diet}

Life on a soft foods diet has been pretty monotonous to say the least. My current diet consists of:

Soup, Jamba Juice, potatoes, yams, soup, protein shakes, pudding, soup, oatmeal, soup, pasta, soup, and soup! I can now proudly (or maybe ashamedly) say that I have had every soup flavor on the Zupas menu (multiple times).

Don’t be too jealous.

Though I’m tempted to complain, I really can’t because it’s all going to make me better in the end, right?

Confession: I attended my first physical therapy appointment with the secret hope that the doctor would bring out a ginormous hamburger and say “here, try biting into this”; or perhaps a plate of cookies which would require me to practice a little chewing. Turns out I hoped in vain...I can dream can’t I?

But I do have my soft foods diet to thank for bringing out the slightest domesticity I have in me. This week I pulled out my apron and decided to get a little creative. I homemade my own applesauce. I was a little skeptical during the process but it actually turned out rather well. And by rather well, I mean delicious!

Hurrah for adding a new food item to my lovely list of soft foods,it makes life so much more exciting...

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Well, I didn’t think I would make it through this week, but 4 exams and 1 project later, I am happy to report that I survived! However, I probably got the amount of sleep this whole week that I should have gotten in one night; I looked and felt like death; I lived at the library; and I almost lost my mind. I guess when I say “survived” I mean it in the loosest sense of the word…

Speaking of surviving, it appears that winter has graced our presence early this year. While I’m still hopeful it will warm up and autumn will get the time that it deserves, I’m also aware that this notion might be incredibly optimistic. Darn. Amid this dismal weather I’ve already thought many a time about never leaving my apartment again—at least until the temperature isn’t comparable to the North Pole and the clouds stop spitting horribly cold moisture at me—therefor I bring you this list:

What I need for hibernation:

-a fireplace (but a space heater or heated blanket would do just fine)

-butterscotch chips

-a good book (I’d be fine with reading Gone with the Wind again)

-a visitor or two


-hot chocolate, or any kind of chocolate for that matter


-a few movies (“Sense and Sensibility”, “Confessions of a Shopaholic”, and “Finding Nemo” will do just fine)


-a pillow

-and Sophie (aka my dog)

Yup. The above items would definitely get me through; but here’s to hoping we see some sunshine soon! Until then...

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Oh My Testing Center

On Friday afternoon I made my way to the Heber Grant Building to take my first Exam of the semester and the line of students was unreal. It came all the way out the doors and wrapped around the JSB. For those of you unfamiliar with BYU campus, picture a 25-long car line at a drive-in window, and that was the length of the line--the line just to get inside the building. It was like Labor Day weekend at Disneyland, only instead of hopes and dreams being fulfilled at the end of the line, all you got was a nasty exam. Hardly worth the wait.

30 minutes of anxiously waiting in line was only followed by a couple more hours of more anxiety inside the testing center: A room so silent it seems loud, scratching pencils, stress oozing off everyone around you, clocks ticking, nail biting, wheels turning, thoughts processing, finger drumming, hair pulling, erasers scrubbing, pages turning…the list could go on. Aside from looking around the room and appreciating how many different tests were being taken with the eclectic combination of knowledge being acquired around campus, I truly dislike the Testing Center; which is why I can’t wait to spend more time in there this week! Sarcasm anyone? 3 exams…hmm. I may or may not make it through the next few days.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

Before I lose my life to studying however, I would like to say a quick Happy Birthday to my sweet Grandma! She hasn’t always been my Grandma but she has definitely taken me in as her own and I love her so much for that. She’s the sweetest, most caring person I know, she’s a vision in purple, and she’s the best commissioner around. Thanks for everything Grandma…I love you so much! Happy Birthday!!