Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Happenings


Halloween is always the most interesting holiday on a college campus. I don’t know what it is like at other schools but at BYU you see some pretty strange costumes. I promise I'm not a creeper, but i couldn't resist snapping a few photos...

Peter Pan...or an elf. I wasn't quite sure.

Daisy studying hard

Pretty in pink (photo credit: Rob Craig)

Not really sure who he is supposed to be, but I wonder where he got that polar bear to drape over his shoulder...

And it turns out the best costumes were harder to document. I didn’t even get pictures of the life-size whoopee cushion, the kissing booth, or the gargantuan peacock.


Today I went walking into my class like any other day; I climbed over people through the narrow rows to get to my seat in practically the middle of the classroom, took off my back pack, and sat down. The chair I sat down in, mind you, was one of those fold chairs that in all honesty just shouldn’t exist; for when I sat down there was a loud pop, the seat went came off the hinge and I went plop. Yes I broke the chair (though I’d like to think someone was playing a mean practical joke), yes lots of people saw, and yes I turned the color of a tomato. It was really fun.


I ATE A SANDWICH TODAY. Yup, you heard me…I ate a sandwich. After my appointment last week, my doctor officially gave me the go ahead to start eating more than just soft foods! As it turns out, eating a sandwich was pretty difficult and I ended up breaking into lots of pieces. But nonetheless I was pretty excited!

All in all, I'd call today a success.

(minus the broken chair part)

Happy Halloween!

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