Friday, October 29, 2010

Only at BYU...

This is what i stumbled upon after class this morning...

It must be Halloween in Provo this weekend

Thursday, October 28, 2010


So i am sitting at work right now blogging instead of doing my homework because that is what i have been doing ALL DAY! Tonight has been a good shift, mostly because the view from my desk is prime for people watching. Tonight there is party on campus for little kids, which would probably explain all the Halloween costumes i have been seeing for the past hour. Watching these kids go by has made me miss Halloween. Yeah yeah, in college you can go to "fun" parties, big deal. I miss the good ol' days. The Good ol' days went something like this:

1. Sneaking the Halloween candy my mom bought to hand out before Halloween day (okay, maybe i still do that)
2. Dressing up in Disney Princess outfits and being excited to wear makeup
3. Getting so much candy that an upgrade from a pumpkin basket to a pillow case became necessary
4. Counting and arranging my candy on the living room floor
5. Going to Grandma's halfway through the route to eat chicken and dumpling soup and donuts.
6. Watching Halloween specials like "Scooby Doo" and "Charlie Brown"
7. Wearing my costume to school and walking in the annual Halloween parade
8. Saying trick-or-treat extra loud in the hopes of receiving extra goodies
9. Staying out late when late meant "9:30".
10. Hiding my candy from my mom (somehow she always found it)

So Happy Halloween everyone...may it be as magical as it was in the good ol' days!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's the thought that counts...

This funny little comic was found amid text book pages...

Call me easily entertained, but i laughed out loud at this for quite a bit. It's so funny, slightly stupid maybe, but hilarious!

Also, this weekend we were visited at our apartment by Christmas Carolers...yup CHRISTMAS Carolers. Ummm it was so awkward. My roommates were sitting at the kitchen table just out of view and they made me silently endure 2 incredibly long and pitchy Christmas songs alone, while they silently giggled from afar. Rude (however i might have done the same thing). Oh BYU, you are full of some of the strangest people. And to top it off, after biting into the gingerbread cookies they so kindly brought us, i stumbled upon this:

Gulp. No comment.

It's the thought that counts, right?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

{Better Late Than Never}

Happy Birthday

to my sweet, wonderful little cousin Madeleine (only she isn't little at all, she is a freshman in baby)!!! If i could give her any 3 birthday wishes she might

1. Have a "Madeleine original" painting hanging in the National Gallery
2. Be a pro-golfer in which Tiger Woods would be begging for her autograph
3. Go for a ride in her dream car with Robert Downey Jr. in the passenger seat

Unfortunately i am no Genie, so the phrase "it's the thought that counts" is suddenly very applicable!

This year the birthday festivities included 9 holes of golf and a yummy birthday dinner...

The Dads

The Cousins

The Game

The Birthday Girl

The Fun

It was a PERFECT Day! I love you Madeleine...hope you had a spectacular birthday!!!

Oh and one more thing before i go...

Happy Birthday

to my Aunt Elizabeth (aka my second mother) and my cute Grandma (who wins the "#1 Grandma award" for sure!) Hope you guys have a great day

hug hug kees kees

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

the countdown continues

37 Days till Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!!!

Almost there people, almost there.

Also, can i just say that Dobby is one of my favorite characters?

That's all!

Monday, October 11, 2010

{'s not just a rectangle}

Two of my roommates are from Star Valley Wyoming, so this weekend we finally went on our much awaited adventure to their home! And after spending three fabulous days in that underrated state, i can finally agree with my roommate when she says, "Wyoming--it's not just a rectangle".

The trip began on Friday afternoon when we all piled in the car and waved goodbye to Provo...

After a 4 hour drive, 1 bathroom stop, and lots of laughing, we finally arrived. Kristen and Jessica have the most beautiful home! I always made fun of Kristen for living in Wyoming, especially when she would say things like "Our neighbors across the field..." Well she meant it when she said across the field, because they really don't have neighbors. Their house is surrounded by mountains, rolling, hills, and fields.

On Saturday we went on a drive around the "neighborhood" and to see the lake...

On Saturday afternoon we went 4 wheeling. Oh my fun! Unfortunately we didn't realize how cold it was going to be so none of us packed coats. As a result, we ended up borrowing random clothing items from various closets around the house

4 Wheeling was a blast. We went up to the top of black mountain where we could overlook the whole valley and the leaves were changing colors so the trees came in an array of vibrant colors. B-E-A-Utiful! A big thank you goes out to Kristen and Jessica's dad for so kindly preparing, loading, and unloading the 4 wheelers!

The rest of our time in Wyoming was spent lounging in the world's comfiest beds, eating the yummiest food, watching movies, swimming, going to church, going for a beautiful scenic walk...and more eating!! Kristen and Jessica's mom is a fabulous cook!!!

Thank you Hoopes family for making my weekend so fabulous (not to mention impossibly difficult to come back to real life)! A 4 hour ride home with the 7th harry potter CD playing in the background put the cherry on top of a perfect perfect getaway!

Ummm one more thing...did i mention Star Valley Wyoming only has ONE stoplight?! Believe it.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oh hail no!

Oh my gosh, we are experiencing the most intense storm in P-town right now...check out this picture:

Okay okay, i totally didn't take this...but someone really, really cool did; and i have no idea who they are. This was the only picture i managed to get:

hm. not quite as cool.

Apparently the lightening knew i got my camera out, so naturally it stopped striking. I blame Zeus.

But seriously, it was so cool! It was hailing for a good ten minutes...the kind of hail that is dime size and hurts when it hits you. And the lightening was insane enough to make your hair stand on end. Coolest storm ever (aside from the storms in the good ol' Outer Banks)!

Don't worry...this time, my window was SHUT!

Monday, October 4, 2010

rain, rain, go least until my window is shut!

Today started out like a normal autumn day, slightly overcast but still warm and sunshiny... Then, disaster struck.

I'm working down in the SWKT computer lab like a good employee when all of a sudden a student comes running towards me and says "there's a leak!" so i run with him to see the said leak. and yes. it was a leak. This nasty yellow water was going everywhere...dripping on the computer, soaking the carpet, ruining the desk, etc. After cleaning (aka getting dripped on until i was nasty wet) and chasing down the custodian, the problem was semi-solved.

Well when my shift ended i meandered toward the doors and realized it was raining. no, it was pouring. and i forget my umbrella. joy. So i began my long, wet walk home.
Thinking my apt. would be some kind of haven from the rain I gratefully walked through the door.

Think again Brianna.

I left my bedroom windows open. Nooooooooooooo! Everything was soaked. Pictures ruined, assignments worthless, pillows turned to sponges, comforter sopping, and newly laundered clothes dirty and wet.

Thank you rain, for being so inescapably WET.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

{home again home again}

So this weekend was amazing for 2 reasons:

The first reason: GENERAL CONFERENCE! It really is the best. Two straight days of feeling the spirit so strongly and being edified by some of the most amazing men on the planet. I don't think it can get any better than that.

Actually, maybe it can...

Reason number 2 why this weekend was so amazing: I spent it at home sweet home!

Why home is so great:

I get to walk through this door into my favorite place in the whole world

My mom makes the most incredible food

Everything about it practically screams "comfy"

It is beautiful

I get to wear my sisters yeah

It is so festive!

I get to spend time with my family

My little Sophie dog is ADORABLE!

Did i mention my mom makes REALLY good food?

It was a perfect weekend to say the least!