Monday, October 11, 2010

{'s not just a rectangle}

Two of my roommates are from Star Valley Wyoming, so this weekend we finally went on our much awaited adventure to their home! And after spending three fabulous days in that underrated state, i can finally agree with my roommate when she says, "Wyoming--it's not just a rectangle".

The trip began on Friday afternoon when we all piled in the car and waved goodbye to Provo...

After a 4 hour drive, 1 bathroom stop, and lots of laughing, we finally arrived. Kristen and Jessica have the most beautiful home! I always made fun of Kristen for living in Wyoming, especially when she would say things like "Our neighbors across the field..." Well she meant it when she said across the field, because they really don't have neighbors. Their house is surrounded by mountains, rolling, hills, and fields.

On Saturday we went on a drive around the "neighborhood" and to see the lake...

On Saturday afternoon we went 4 wheeling. Oh my fun! Unfortunately we didn't realize how cold it was going to be so none of us packed coats. As a result, we ended up borrowing random clothing items from various closets around the house

4 Wheeling was a blast. We went up to the top of black mountain where we could overlook the whole valley and the leaves were changing colors so the trees came in an array of vibrant colors. B-E-A-Utiful! A big thank you goes out to Kristen and Jessica's dad for so kindly preparing, loading, and unloading the 4 wheelers!

The rest of our time in Wyoming was spent lounging in the world's comfiest beds, eating the yummiest food, watching movies, swimming, going to church, going for a beautiful scenic walk...and more eating!! Kristen and Jessica's mom is a fabulous cook!!!

Thank you Hoopes family for making my weekend so fabulous (not to mention impossibly difficult to come back to real life)! A 4 hour ride home with the 7th harry potter CD playing in the background put the cherry on top of a perfect perfect getaway!

Ummm one more thing...did i mention Star Valley Wyoming only has ONE stoplight?! Believe it.

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