Wednesday, October 20, 2010

{Better Late Than Never}

Happy Birthday

to my sweet, wonderful little cousin Madeleine (only she isn't little at all, she is a freshman in baby)!!! If i could give her any 3 birthday wishes she might

1. Have a "Madeleine original" painting hanging in the National Gallery
2. Be a pro-golfer in which Tiger Woods would be begging for her autograph
3. Go for a ride in her dream car with Robert Downey Jr. in the passenger seat

Unfortunately i am no Genie, so the phrase "it's the thought that counts" is suddenly very applicable!

This year the birthday festivities included 9 holes of golf and a yummy birthday dinner...

The Dads

The Cousins

The Game

The Birthday Girl

The Fun

It was a PERFECT Day! I love you Madeleine...hope you had a spectacular birthday!!!

Oh and one more thing before i go...

Happy Birthday

to my Aunt Elizabeth (aka my second mother) and my cute Grandma (who wins the "#1 Grandma award" for sure!) Hope you guys have a great day

hug hug kees kees

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