Sunday, October 3, 2010

{home again home again}

So this weekend was amazing for 2 reasons:

The first reason: GENERAL CONFERENCE! It really is the best. Two straight days of feeling the spirit so strongly and being edified by some of the most amazing men on the planet. I don't think it can get any better than that.

Actually, maybe it can...

Reason number 2 why this weekend was so amazing: I spent it at home sweet home!

Why home is so great:

I get to walk through this door into my favorite place in the whole world

My mom makes the most incredible food

Everything about it practically screams "comfy"

It is beautiful

I get to wear my sisters yeah

It is so festive!

I get to spend time with my family

My little Sophie dog is ADORABLE!

Did i mention my mom makes REALLY good food?

It was a perfect weekend to say the least!

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