Thursday, October 28, 2010


So i am sitting at work right now blogging instead of doing my homework because that is what i have been doing ALL DAY! Tonight has been a good shift, mostly because the view from my desk is prime for people watching. Tonight there is party on campus for little kids, which would probably explain all the Halloween costumes i have been seeing for the past hour. Watching these kids go by has made me miss Halloween. Yeah yeah, in college you can go to "fun" parties, big deal. I miss the good ol' days. The Good ol' days went something like this:

1. Sneaking the Halloween candy my mom bought to hand out before Halloween day (okay, maybe i still do that)
2. Dressing up in Disney Princess outfits and being excited to wear makeup
3. Getting so much candy that an upgrade from a pumpkin basket to a pillow case became necessary
4. Counting and arranging my candy on the living room floor
5. Going to Grandma's halfway through the route to eat chicken and dumpling soup and donuts.
6. Watching Halloween specials like "Scooby Doo" and "Charlie Brown"
7. Wearing my costume to school and walking in the annual Halloween parade
8. Saying trick-or-treat extra loud in the hopes of receiving extra goodies
9. Staying out late when late meant "9:30".
10. Hiding my candy from my mom (somehow she always found it)

So Happy Halloween everyone...may it be as magical as it was in the good ol' days!


  1. I miss going to Grandma's house after trick-or-treating together. Remember auctioning off Madeleine's chocolate?

  2. Cutest picture EVER. Don't worry, once you have kids, the magic returns!