Monday, October 4, 2010

rain, rain, go least until my window is shut!

Today started out like a normal autumn day, slightly overcast but still warm and sunshiny... Then, disaster struck.

I'm working down in the SWKT computer lab like a good employee when all of a sudden a student comes running towards me and says "there's a leak!" so i run with him to see the said leak. and yes. it was a leak. This nasty yellow water was going everywhere...dripping on the computer, soaking the carpet, ruining the desk, etc. After cleaning (aka getting dripped on until i was nasty wet) and chasing down the custodian, the problem was semi-solved.

Well when my shift ended i meandered toward the doors and realized it was raining. no, it was pouring. and i forget my umbrella. joy. So i began my long, wet walk home.
Thinking my apt. would be some kind of haven from the rain I gratefully walked through the door.

Think again Brianna.

I left my bedroom windows open. Nooooooooooooo! Everything was soaked. Pictures ruined, assignments worthless, pillows turned to sponges, comforter sopping, and newly laundered clothes dirty and wet.

Thank you rain, for being so inescapably WET.


  1. i'm sorry brianna! Hey, this is a perfect excuse for you to come home and sleep in my room! ;-) at least until your bed is dry? Haha i'm sorry about this disaster...

  2. oh my goodness!!! that is horrible!!! soo sorry:) but good thinking on the blow dryers:))
    and cool lightening pic... even if you didn't take it:)