Tuesday, March 1, 2011



Also, I just painted my nails this color...

Which consequently is the exact color of the chocolate licorice i am currently addicted to (thanks Kate).

And speaking of nail polish, has anyone ever wondered how they come up with the names for the different colors of nail polish? This one for example is called "Suzi Loves Cowboys". Kind of random, but somehow extremely fitting.

I wonder how one goes about becoming a "nail polish name-er"...


  1. HA HA Go you texas girl! You know OPI's new line is all Tex names! You are beautiful! I had a nice chat with my stake pres about that girl we both know. (;

  2. I grew up wondering the same thing about make-up and nail polish names, Brianna! Me and my best friend in high school thought it would be such a cool job to be the color-namer! it's not what 'color' the color looks like, but the emotional, romanticized experience that could possibly be associated with something that might be close to that color! I still think it would be a super fun job...

  3. p.s. you know my dad always LOVED chocolate licorice, right? It's in your genes to like it! :)