Saturday, August 21, 2010


I just finished reading the 7th Harry Potter book...i read the series every obsessive tradition i just can't bare to break. Well at the conclusion of the book i had an epiphany:

J.K. Rowling NEEDS to write a PREQUEL to the HP series. Ummm can you say genius?! I mean, how many times does she refer to "the first time the Voldemort was at large"? and how many times have i wondered how James and Lily really got together when she supposedly hated his guts? And who wouldn't want to read all about the original Order of the Phoenix?!

I can't get this brilliant idea out of my mind. It must be done.

Another series i am obsessed with: THE HUNGER GAMES! life changing. Only 3 more days until the third book of the trilogy comes out. Can i get a boo yeah? Katniss here i come! And just for the record i am a Peetah fan all the way. Gale can just go to...perhaps i shouldn't finish that sentence; it is a bit harsh. But you get my gist. 3 more days!!!

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