Sunday, August 22, 2010


I am moving back to Provo tomorrow. I love school and i love Provo, but it is always hard to go back. This is why...I love:

1. sharing a room with my sister
2. the smell of my house when i walk in the front door
3. family movie nights with the extended family
4. driving on familiar roads
5. sitting in my front yard and throwing a stick for my dog
6. my kitchen...packed full of sweets and homemade baked goods
7. the sunsets as seen from my deck
8. running errands with my mom
9. recording new episodes of Hannah Montana and SYTYCD and watching them with Kate
10. laughing at the sound the downstairs toilet makes with every flush
11. starting a line in a song and hearing it being finished at the other end of my house
12. being 5 minutes away from my best friend Kirstyn
13. our hammock
14. listening to Michael giggle at what he is watching on TV
15. sitting downstairs and recognizing the footsteps of different family members upstairs

The list could go on forever, but no matter how much i love my house and the people who live in it, life must go on and it is back to Provo again. So Adios Salt Lake City, it's been a fabulous summer!

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