Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fredette About It...

For all you Jimmer fans out there (and all you not Jimmer fans, though i don't know how that is even possible) you HAVE to check this out.

Some poor soul wrote a letter of complaint about all the Jimmer mania; the letter was published, and within hours she had HUNDREDS of facebook comments posted on her wall in response to what she wrote.

Follow this link to read the letter and the comments that soon followed...

Who knew BYU students were so dang witty?

And to that unfortunate girl who wrote the letter, i say: lesson learned (i hope).

You do not insult The Jimmer.


  1. I saw this on the news! Poor girl. Just wasn't very smart of her.

  2. When you mess with Jimmer you WILL suffer the consequences.

  3. haha that is SOOO funny! Chris found that and was dying... that poor girl...:) we worship hiim in our house for sure!!!