Wednesday, November 10, 2010

{the rolly suitcase}

Confession: I used to judge people who walked around campus with rolly suitcases instead of backpacks. Not only are they annoying as they “click click” over every crevice in the sidewalk; but what on earth is wrong with a normal backpack? I mean these people can't have more text books then the rest of us right?

Well...I stopped judging people with rolly suitcases when I learned that this one girl (who I used to judge) used a suitcase because she was recovering from shoulder surgery. Woops. I know, i know, I'm an awful person for judging. Also, it is just about that time of the semester when I wish I had a rolly suitcase myself because of the back pains I so frequently feel due to the thousand pound text books that are practically body parts now.

Today when I was leaving the library I was walking behind a girl pulling a rolly suitcase. As she was approaching the door I caught a glimpse of her reflection in the window. Her expression screamed contemplation of how she was going to manage to squeeze through the door in one motion without squishing herself or her suitcase. As she came to the door she got a running start, pushed the door open with all her might and quickly (and awkwardly) maneuvered through the rapidly closing space. The suitcase loudly clamored across the floor, and she barely made it through…but, success! As she looked over her shoulder to see if anyone had seen her, we made eye contact. She gave a guilty smile hinting at the embarrassment she felt due to her silly strategizing. And I smiled back knowing exactly how it feels to be caught in the act of doing something completely ridiculous. Then, we went our separate ways and I proceeded to laugh all the way home.

After this particular encounter and a few others, I can honestly say that I am grateful for rolly suitcases and the students who carry them.

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