Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Horror!

Picture this:

You are a Green leaf, just hanging from a tree branch, right where you belong.

The weather begins to change and your coloring gradually goes from green to yellow, red, or even orange perhaps.

You are approaching that wonderful time of year that is much anticipated by the leafy kind. The time of year when you get to make the huge free fall to the ground below.

That time of year is autumn.

A gust of wind whirls around you and plucks your stem from the branch where it has been rooted for so long. And you fall. Gracefully. To the ground.

All of a sudden a huge tube like structure extending from a massive truck is approaching you quickly. Too quickly in fact. And before you know it, you have been sucked into the depths of this machinery like a piece of dust inside a vacuum.

And all your hopes and wishes of spending some time in the autumn air below the tree which you grew up on, are crushed.

Why BYU? Why do you do it? Let the students and the leaves enjoy autumn while we can! Please do not suck the leaves away along with the sheer and utter joy that walking through crispy leaves provides!

Also, just as a side note (well not a side note because what i am about to say should NEVER be considered a side note)...10 more days till Harry Potter!!!! Ah!!! I can hardly contain my excitement...i am on the verge of EXPLODING!!!! ya!!

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