Thursday, November 11, 2010


I know it is winter when...

1. I find myself on the ground way too often (darn ice)

2. Thoughts of Hawaii and other warm places consume my mind (so much so that I have even looked at airfare…keep dreaming Brianna)

3. I can’t see where I am going on campus because my foggy breathe is always obstructing my vision

4. It takes me twenty minutes to get from one class to the next as I try to maneuver my through as many indoor places as possible.

5. I frequently am upset with comments like, “aren’t you from Utah?” yes people I am from Utah, but that does NOT make the cold any more bearable!

6. Hibernation crosses my mind daily

7. I am plagued with a constantly running nose

8. My thermostat breaks making it necessary to do homework in a hat, scarf, coat, and blanket

9. I check my toes nightly for signs of frostbite

10. Gripping onto the hand warmers nuzzled deep in my pockets is like gripping onto my own sanity

Every year i wonder if i am going to make it through winter. Somehow i always do...but just barely! Oh warm weather, i miss thee already.


  1. haha i LOVE that picture. is it you? jk jk. love loooove.

  2. Funny, I was thinking of posting on how much I loathe the cold today too! Sounded similar in my head to this post. Winter-boo!!