Monday, November 22, 2010


It's that time of year when everyone is especially mindful of what they are grateful for. Today, i am especially grateful for the odd and random things. My top 5 "gratefuls" from the day are as follows:

Today at work someone taught me one of the longest words in the Russian language. I can't even remember it anymore, that's how long it was. it meant something about sightseeing though. I'm grateful the average word length in the English language is only 5 or 6 characters.

I have a big white coat that is practically as warm as a polar bear. So warm that when you step inside away from the cold weather you instantly begin sweating buckets because of it's ability to lock in heat. I am so grateful for the warmth it brings that i don't even take it off during class. So in some strange way, i suppose i am grateful for the beads of sweat that have been ever prevalent on my forehead throughout the day.
I had ONE line from T Swift's "Enchanted to meet you" stuck in my head all day today. I'm grateful for catchy tunes that let me practice whistling, humming, and singing; not to mention annoying the heck out of the people around me!
Sometimes when i go to to class, the testing center, or whatever, i find myself in close proximity to a sickie. And by sickie i mean the person who, despite the plague they may carry, the schlop everyone can hear in their nose, the hacking cough causing others to go deaf, the spray rocketing outward with every sneeze, and the foul breathe exuding from their ailing mouth...despite all this, decided to come to campus as well. While in the middle of my physiology exam i realized that those around me were looking at me with dagger eyes, clearly categorizing me as a sickie. But there were others who were looking at my sympathetically because they knew exactly how i was feeling. Today, i am grateful for my fellow sick students who know just how it feels to be...dun dun dun: Categorized.
Tonight i was walking home from campus, lamenting the cold weather and wishing I could say a few choice words aloud when all of a sudden this biker comes whizzing past me down the hill. He was quickly approaching the open toll gate that usually moves up and down to permit cars to pass. 40 feet, 30 feet, 20 feet, 10 feet; oh no, the gate is closing. screeeeech. swerve. scream. phewf. he's alive. he rides on. I laugh. for a long time. People look at me like i'm crazy for giggling all by my lonesome, but i don't care. I'm so grateful for moments such as this one that make my life exciting (and briefly take my mind of the biting cold).

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