Tuesday, November 2, 2010

On to the next month...

October is officially over...weird! It went by so fast. too fast. Ya know how you are always told "life goes by faster the older you get"? well i am beginning to agree, only it kind of makes me nervous. The way things are going i won't even remember minutes, days, weeks, and life in general by the time i reach thirty (Ha! could this be the reason for the memory loss that comes with age?). But all that aside, October was a great month. And i have pictures to prove it!

a colorful autumn is a good autumn. Therefor this autumn was AMAZING!

pumpkin carving!

Loooooove these girls. They are my besties from my trip to London. We went to the yummiest dessert cafe called "The Chocolate" (um yu-um!) and ate our feelings together

Bridal shower for my roommate Jessica! Luckily this tissue paper dress will not be anywhere near her on her wedding day!

Loooooove these boys. my Brothers are the bomb! especially on the golf course. Couldn't you just pinch their adorable cheeks??

And last but not least, HALLOWEEN! Wouldn't you agree the Halloween is the best when you actually have a good costume (aka a costume nobody will recognize you in)? We had an utter blast being completely unrecognizable for one night! Oh the possibilities for next year...

October 2010. Check.


  1. I feel like we haven't talked at all in october. Come home

  2. hey cute girl:) LOVE all your pics!!! your costume is the best!!! I love it...what a cute idea. Looks like you had a great month. miss ya!! we need to chat! sorry i've been so mia:)