Tuesday, November 26, 2013

thumpety thump thump

I want you all to think about the time in your life when you were the coldest you’ve ever been. Really think about this…when were you so frozen you didn’t think you would live to see another day? If you don’t have a memory like this, well, lucky you. If you do, think about how you felt. Now, multiply that feeling by one hundred. No, how about one million? You probably can’t even comprehend what that would feel like! Well, guess what? I can.

This last weekend, I had the opportunity to freeze to death at the BYU vs. Notre Dame game in South Bend Indiana. I say opportunity, because it was such a great opportunity to spend some time with family in Chicago, to cheer on the Cougars, and have an all around great weekend. I say freeze to death because that's basically what happened. I honestly didn’t think I was going to make it out of that game alive. It was like someone decided to deep freeze all my bones, store my organs and muscles in a refrigerator for a while, and then put me back together only to drop me in the water in Antarctica. My bones hurt, my muscles were tense, my tears were freezing on the spot (and there were tears), my body was shaking, my joints were sore and stuck in position, and I could think of nothing else but the cold, cold, cold. Sound dramatic? Well it's the honest to goodness truth, drama free. Man, I’m shivering just thinking about it. It’s truly a miracle I made it through that game!

On a warmer note, I wasn’t cold the entire weekend. I was happy, dry, and roasty-toasty for the majority of it while visiting the Shedd Aquarium, going on a pizza tour, seeing a show, and eating at delicious restaurants. It’s always a good time with the Craig family!

Seeing the sharks at the Aquarium 

the windy city

Pizza slice number 1

more pizza. slice number 3 (5 more to go)

good eats at Maggianos

coolest stadium ever. very old school. Also, on a side note, Notre Dame had the classiest fans in the world. 

the beginning of the most freezing hours of my life

covering my face as a last resort to keep warm


Next time i go to an away BYU game, it better be in Hawaii. 


  1. We can do hard things! What a memory.....

  2. What a fun time! I love all the pics! Looks like you had a blast in the freezing cold.:)