Wednesday, December 4, 2013

{the cold never bothered me anyway}

Well we had a great thanksgiving weekend over here. It was full of food, laughter, movies, bowling, food, baking, movies, food, good company, and more food.

On Saturday we went and picked out our very first Christmas tree (cue the “awwwwwwwwws”)! Last year we didn't get to have one because we were living in New York and I came to Utah for the majority of December while Rob was on a business trip in Switzerland (wow my life sounds a lot more exiting back then). So this Christmas tree, it was a pretty big deal. Fat, skinny, tall, short? So many possibilities! And let me tell you, it took us (i mean me) FOREVER to finally decide on one. Good thing I’m married to an incredibly patient man! Anyway, here is how it turned out…

Now to address the issue of the snow we received yesterday. I’m sure you’ve noticed that I whine about winter A LOT on this blog. So I decided to man up (if a girl can do that) and refrain from complaining this time around.

I won’t complain about my car sliding all over the road

I won’t complain about cold fingers, cold feet, a cold nose, and cold cheeks (both kinds of cheeks, might I add).

I won’t complain about slush or the dirty water that gets tracked into my apartment

I won’t complain about getting wet

I won't complain about chattering teeth

I won’t complain about having to scrape my car off after being in the store for a mere 30 minutes.

I won’t complain about foggy breath in my face--luckily I brush!

I won’t complain about being stuck inside all day

I won’t complain about having to walk ridiculously slowly and cautiously to avoid falling

And I most definitely won’t complain about getting a little colder on the inside with every snowflake that falls.

 Wow!! It feels pretty good to not complain. 

All those thoughts aside, I must admit—a little white outside sure makes it feel like Christmas time. And if it must be cold and snowy, then I will listen to the Frozen soundtrack all day long to cheer me up.

Enjoy :)


  1. you so funny sister! i love this post! your tree is AMAZING! And ditto to listening to frozen non stop. i'm obsessed too. love you!

  2. HAHAHA I love this post, I swear I say that about all of your posts, oh well. Your tree is perfect! What a perfect spot for it too! Solution for staying warm: make lots of cookies and hot chocolate, order your groceries online and turn on a chick flick.:)