Thursday, November 14, 2013

forever indebted

Okay, I’ve got a really good story up my sleeve for tonight’s post…

Once upon a time,
I made brown butter, white chocolate filled, snicker doodles.
The End.

If that isn’t the best story you’ve ever heard, well I’d like to know what could top it! I’d say this story’s happy ending ranks right up there with Disney Movies—which is a pretty big deal because the word “Disney” is essentially a synonym for the word “happy." 

Warning: Protect keyboard from the drool that is about to escape your mouth

Basically, they were divine and every other snicker doodle in the world just pales in comparison. Mm!

Oh and while we are on the subject of cookies, may i just say that i'm pretty sure the world would stop spinning if cookies ever ceased to exist. It's not a proven fact or anything, but i've got a pretty big hunch. 

And the only way to repay the cookie for basically saving our lives is to eat it; which I plan on doing for the rest of forever. 

It is a win-win. 

ps. you can check out the recipe HERE