Sunday, August 14, 2011

Once upon a time...

*disclaimer: this is NOT a happy story

Last night it was pretty dark as i made my way to my front doorstep. I was fishing for my key inside my sorry excuse for a wallet when i felt something tickle the edge of my foot. As images of spiders crawling up my leg flashed in my head i screamed and jumped back in a panic. To my surprise, sitting on the welcome mat was a bird. Baby bird or grown up bird i do not know; but i knew right away something was wrong as said bird was twitching and hobbling from side to side slowly, but surely.

One of the few pieces of information i've retained from my early school years is never to touch a baby bird; for if the mother smells a human on their offspring they will reject it immediately. Sooo, what was i to do? Was it hurt? Was it learning how to fly? I guess i will never know. I do know that I stayed up waaaay to late checking on that poor little bird. As my family can attest to, i have a soft spot for animals and as a result could not fall asleep out of sheer worry for the poor little thing.

Finally, on my thousandth peek out the front door i saw the bird had made its way to a corner and seemed to be protected from any harm. With that reassurance sleep finally came.

As i was leaving for church this morning however, i anxiously opened my door and to my horror saw no bird. I would like to think it flew away...but the pile of feathers on the welcome mat advise me otherwise. gulp.

I don't know the cause of death for sure...raccoon, cat, or some other heartless animal; either way i've got a dead bird on my conscience.


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