Thursday, August 11, 2011

food for thought

Foods that should not be consumed based upon their name:

-cheese curds...also known as "squeaky cheese"
-meat loaf...a loaf of meat? really?
-blood pudding...enough said
-cow tails...why would you give a candy such a name?
-brussel spouts...or any sprout for that matter
-bratwurst...the fact that "worst" is in the title, says it all
-easy cheese...cheese should NOT be easy
-can't believe its not butter
-figgs...preserves, newtons or pudding.
-nut rolls
-liver...its a body organ for crying out loud

am i right or am i right?


  1. Hahahaha!! Oh my gosh Brianna. So funny, so true!

    M loves D

  2. Ok cheese curds - yes, meat loaf - yes disgusting, but I will not sit here and let you trash talk bratwurst! Bratwurst is the reason grills exist ok?!! And yes vegemite is terrible.

  3. i warned you that i would blog stalk. glad you were at the gamma activity the other night! and easy cheese is quite possibly the worst thing ever created.

  4. so funny! never really thought about these before, but totally true! cute blog, by the way!