Monday, October 28, 2013

peace and looooove

Well, it was a pretty good weekend over here!!

We started off the by going to the BYU football game on Friday night. Football games are always a highlight for us…it's fun to spend time with family while eating lots of cougar tails (delectable foot-long maple donuts, in case you didn't know) and cheering on our cougs.

We took a few silly pictures from the night:

Kate and I got in this bad habit of doing fake smiles to each other. The key word here is “habit”, because I have found myself accidentally giving my fake smile to complete strangers. Whoops. I guess I can add "awkward" to the list of qualities I possess.

Funny how much we look alike when we fake smile though, huh?

After the game Rob and I decided to add the “B” and the “U” to the already standing “Y”. It started out as this…

turned into this...

and ended like this...

 I'm so lucky i married someone almost as crazy as me. 

On Saturday night we got to put on our grooviest 70's clothes  and attend a how to host a murder party with Rob's family. We had a blast, despite the fact that i turned out to be the murderer. 

2 words: Chest. Hair. 

the costumes did not dissapoint...

and i just couldn't love this boy anymore than i do now...

We even would have been perfect for each other back in the day. 

So here's to fun weekends and the best family(on both sides)ever

I sure do feel blessed. 


  1. WOW you and Kate really do look so much alike when you are being silly. Wow! Ok love the Grooviness!

  2. you and Rob are the funnest. and that is a word. and wow our fake smiles... we are special. but so honored to be lookin like my sis. Love you!