Tuesday, October 22, 2013

the dog ate my homework...

...well, sort of. 

Last week I decided to stop at the car wash on my way to the bank. I pulled up next to the vacuums and began organizing the inside of the car, separating what was trash and what wasn’t. While I was doing this, one of the employees came up to my window and asked if I needed a vacuum token. I replied yes, but he put the token in the slot before I was ready. So immediately my adrenaline began pumping—because lets be honest, it feels like a life or death situation when you are being timed at the car wash—and I began vacuuming my car. 

When I made my way around to the front passenger seat, I realized I hadn’t removed some things off the floor that would make it difficult to vacuum. So, I tucked the vacuum tube under my left arm and began reaching with my right arm to clean off the floor. As I was reaching down, my stomach dropped when I heard the vacuum noise change, like it was trying to suck something up. I glanced at the head of the vacuum and to my horror saw that it was trying to eat a few hundred dollars in checks and 45 dollars in cash that I had left on the seat!! Curse that stupid vacuum. I quickly and desperately began tearing at the money trying to salvage what I could. I went for the checks first and to my relief managed to get them out in one piece.  Next, the cash: as I wrapped my fingers around 2 very crumpled 20 dollars bills and pulled, the five dollar bill slipped through the opening and into the abyss of vacuum land. Sigh. Most expensive vacuum job EVER. I almost left before washing my car because I was so bugged. 

If anyone was watching me though, they must have been thoroughly entertained as I clawed, moaned, groaned, and huffed at that silly vacuum, that is now 5 dollars richer.