Tuesday, October 15, 2013

{i love seattle}

As I write this post I am especially grateful for 2 things: family and business trips. My sister Chelsea and her husband are living in Seattle for the month of October, and as if it were meant to be, my husband had a business trip planned in Seattle as well. So it was a beautiful opportunity that we could not pass up. Last week we packed our bags, hopped on a plane and headed to Washington. And let me tell you something: there are few better families than the Chappell family. I love them so much my heart could just burst.

We had the BEST time. It was so fun playing with my little nephews, who as it turns out, are not nearly as little as they were the last time I saw them; I absolutely loved being able to see my brother-in-law Todd, as his visits are far an in between; and I just adore my sister Chelsea and the conversations and laughs we always have together. It felt like the good ol’ days when we lived in New York together! But let me tell you, we partied it up in Seattle. We went to the aquarium, the American Car Museum, the Public Market, and the beach. We ate yummy food all day everyday. We had a fun dinner with my Uncle and his family (wish we could see them more). We had movie nights, played with horses, chickens, and a cat named mouse (HA), went on pretty drives and walks, and laughed a whooooooole bunch. Thank you Chappell family...it was a trip to remember!!

And now, for picture overload:

we had the most beautiful landing! 

Chelsea is such a cool mommy

news debut! 

movie night with dinner in a pumpkin

The coooooold beach

my favorite car in America's Car Museum

fort building

Sadly, these bagels had NOTHING on Scarsdale Bagels...

snuggle time 

Star fish at the aquarium

an early morning for these tired boys!

just look at that view!!! The take-off was incredible! 

Whew! I don't think i've ever posted that many pictures at once. It was just such a fun trip, i couldn't decide which pictures to share. 

Until next time Seattle...


  1. Looks like a fun trip - 2 wonderful little families! Love you all!

  2. i love ALL these people SO much! Jealous of such a fun trip!

  3. YAY!!!!! I love this post! Thanks Brianna! You're right, it was the most amazing trip ever! You are so great! And I love your choice of pics. My favs are... actually all of them are my favorite. I scrolled back up to see what my favs were and I could decide out of all of them.:)