Wednesday, December 14, 2011

the ff...

Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING compares to the feeling you get when you finish filling in the last bubble of your last final. It truly is the best. Finished-finals feeling is comparable to eating good chocolate; or losing yourself in the middle of a scintillating novel; or walking in your front door at Christmas time; or singing really loud to your favorite song; or squinching your toes in the sand at the beach; or laughing yourself to tears; or going to Disneyland. Pretty much any good feeling you can think of is equal to, or trumped by, the FF feeling. It’s the best. Ordinarily I would recommend the feeling to everyone, but that would require taking finals first—a fate I would never wish upon anyone.

So now that I’ve blogged about it, I am going to go enjoy that FF feeling for myself by reading a book that has been calling my name for far too long. Pope Joan, here I come…

P.S. Does anyone else feel like this post was full of (unintentional) alliteration? Whoever can can say "finished-finals feeling" 10x fast gets a prize.


  1. I envy you so much right now!

    congrats on finishing! Senior year! crazy huh?

  2. I am with you, SO HAPPY finals are over!! Have a fun break girly.