Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Let’s get one thing straight

I hate spiders (or any kind of bug for that matter) more than anything on the planet. Maybe this hate is why I encounter the said creepy crawly creatures on what seems to be a daily basis.

Like today for example:

I had just gotten back from a run and I was frantically getting ready for the class I was going to be late for. Out of the corner of my eye i saw something black above me. As I slowly looked up my fears were confirmed. A big fuzzy black spider was crawling on the ceiling overhead. Gulp.

Despite the hate I have for spiders I can honestly say that no spider has died intentionally at my hands. Not only do I avoid killing the monsters because I am scared of them, but also because for some strange reason I feel sorry for them.

That being said, as I realized what was above me I began gathering a couple things: a large cup (preferably an opaque one) and a chair. I placed the chair below the spot where the spider was situated and climbed up. With an accelerated heart rate and breath being held I closed my eyes, placed the cup on the ceiling, and heard a small thud as the spider landed in my cup.

Mission Accomplished. Or so I thought…

I pulled the cup back to confirm that my victim had been caught when to my horror the spider climbed out from the cup and onto my hand. At this point I flung the cup from my hands and started shaking my hand (and all other extremities for that matter) psychotically. To add to the insanity of it all I couldn’t help but scream like there was no tomorrow.

And for all I know there won’t be a tomorrow because that nasty, vile, hair-raising THING is somewhere in the abyss of my room!

Why, for the love of all things, must spiders exist???

p.s. I googled "spiders" to find a picture for this post and about threw up when i saw the search results. Due to nausea i refrained from posting a picture. You're welcome.

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  1. ugh I hate those 8-legged freaks too! I cringed reading this... I'm so sorry you had to experience that