Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Oh happy day, it is finally Christmas break!!! Finals were…well they are over, and that is all that matters!

I’m happily posting from a computer at home with Christmas music playing in the background, my dog at my feet, and a candy dish at my beckoning call. Yup, life doesn’t get much better than this.

Here are just a few pictures from the most recent happenings:

My roommate Jessica got married. So weird. But i am so happy for her (not to mention jealous. She is soaking in sweet, wonderful vitamin D, while i feel and look more like an Eskimo with each passing minute)!

Gift exchange/goodbye party for Jessica. By our "lovely" appearance you can tell this was smack in the middle of what i like to refer to as death...aka finals week.

Two words: Peanut Butter.

Other items of note lacking photographic proof...

1. "How do you know" is possibly the worst movie known to man. Don't see it! You have been warned
2. This morning i was walking my dog and i totally ate it. The worst part of it all was that while on the ground laughing i turned to my dog and exclaimed "Did you see that?!" sadly, she did not respond.
3. David Archuleta is the man. He can sing like nobody's business.
4. I LOVE the Riddle family.
5. It's snowing right now and i actually don't mind. Phewf...i said it. Glad i got that one off my chest.


  1. you are darling and i miss you!

  2. 1.yeah on finishing finals!!!
    2. I can't beleive you got so much snow. we got NONE
    3. those cookies look soooo good!
    4. Went and saw how do you know.... SOOO LAME.
    wish i would have read this sooner:)
    5. merry christmas {it was fun to chat the other day!!}

  3. So, I feel like you would appreciate this.
    When you say
    4. I LOVE the Riddle family
    I think you are talking about Tom Marvolo Riddle.
    But on second thought I bet you're not, huh?

  4. Brianna you are a sweet heart and so incredibly creative! You are def on my top 3 favorite blogs to read, possibly even snagging the #1 spot. That is saying something because I read a lot of blogs! Xo