Monday, September 27, 2010

Just Me and Harold

I am in the middle of writing a 15 page paper and my mind is on thinking overload. I needed a break from my paper so right now it is just me and Harold...the Harold B. Lee Library that is. That is where i was this weekend, that is where i am now, and that is where i will spend a large portion of the remaining semester. Sigh.

Lucky for me though, the library can actually be a very entertaining place. Take right now, for example. To my right I can watch a very desperate boy flirt with a complete stranger (who looks like she wants to run away). On my left i can see a sadly unhygienic individual digging for gold in their oh so large nostril. In front of me i can see some poor soul struggle to keep his head up probably due to the lack of sleep he got this weekend. And just around the corner is the entrance to the fourth floor where i can watch the comings and goings of all sorts of people. In my head is my music, Vivaldi, if you want specifics. And on my phone is a text message from my one of my roommates, patiently waiting for a reply. In my back pack is an empty chewy bar wrapper...darn. And above me is a fluorescent light that i wish would stop flickering. In a few minutes i will probably witness something funny--for example, i watched a person noisily knock over a trashcan when he turned his head to take one last glance at a very pretty girl. And in another few minutes, i will probably be the one doing something embarrassing. Oh Herald, for such a studious place, you sure are entertaining.

Well i have prolonged the inevitable for long enough. Now it is paper writing time!

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