Monday, September 20, 2010

Baby Cake

Two words: Baby. Cake.

No I am not talking about food! I am talking about my adorable, sweet, and wonderful little sister Kate...aka Baby Cake.

Kate came to Provo on Saturday to spend the weekend with me. Basically, I have been looking forward to this weekend for forever now and I am depressed that it has already come and gone. We had a blast, didn’t we Kate? Just like we always do. Much to her dismay, I didn’t have anything exciting planned; but I could sit in a room with Kate all day and it would still be one of the best days ever.

After a few bad directions on my part, and poor following directions on Kate’s, she finally made it. We spent the day cleaning my room, eating pound cake, going to a non-existent bridal fair, and hanging out with my rommies and family. For dinner we went to pizza pie cafĂ©…um yu-um! All you can eat pasta, pizza, salad, and dessert! Please say hello to Brianna Heaven. It was deeeeeee-lish! Sunday was spent attending church, going for a ride on the scoot, and watching a movie.

Unfortunately the weekend went by almost as fast as writing this paragraph did. Life would be so much better if Kate and I still lived together…but since we don’t, we will just have to make do with phone calls, text messages, and occasional visits. Sigh.

Not to get all mushy gushy or anything, but I just have to say how much I love my little sister. She is my best friend. No one knows me like Kate does, and no one can make me laugh like Kate does. She is beautiful and smart and talented, and I look up to her in every way—including height. Time spent with Kate is time spent doing good, laughing, crying, being silly, eating, dancing, talking, singing, quoting, and more laughing. She is the BOMB! And I love her more than she can ever know. So thanks Kate for being the best sister in the whole wide world.

P.S. For Kate: “Poooooooooooor Jeckles”


  1. aw brianna! That was so nice and sweet of you. Thank you for blogging about me! That really was suuuuuuuch a fun weekend. You're the best sister! Love you so much! And jeckles ;-)

  2. Hey!!! your right, sisters are the BEST!@!!! and I love your sissy too cuase she helped babysit my kids:))) thanks again!! sorry i have been so off the planet!!
    love ya!