Thursday, September 9, 2010

Awkward Encounters

Why do I have so many awkward encounters with people?! Today someone asked me for directions to the JKB (a building on campus). So I proceeded to draw him a map in the air (bad idea) and despite the FINE job I was doing, he started to get this funny look on his face where his mouth turned down and his eyebrows got all squinched together…aka he was confused. Well I know the poor boy didn’t get a word of what I said because when I was through explaining he said “thanks”, turned around and started walking in the complete wrong direction. Woops.

A few seconds later I was rushing to class and I accidentally knocked my earring out of my ear. Well of course it was a hoop earring so it started to roll away from me. Naturally, I chased after it. Well I chased after it right into the middle of a busy sidewalk and as I bent over to pick it up, I failed to notice who might be coming my way. Soon I found myself in the middle of a collision and very quickly a human traffic jam began to form. Woops again. When this boy and I finally picked ourselves up I realized that I had met him before. And what do you usually do when you know someone? You talk to them. So in my most friendly voice I said “Hey, I know you!” his response was a bored “You do?” And I was like “Yeah I was at your apartment randomly last semester” and to my dismay he said “You were??” Talk about embarrassing. His two friends were looking at me like woooooow who is this stalker? So amid my embarrassment I started rambling about when I had gone to his apartment. When it became clear that he really had no clue who I was, I stopped mid sentence, muttered something about having to get to class, and I scurried off. Pretty sure I wanted to crawl in a hole.

The one thing that redeemed my day was that i got to wear one of my favorite pairs of shoes with a newly purchased pair of cherry red skinny jeans! Totally worth the awkward encounters :)

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