Friday, June 15, 2012

This, my friends, was an expensive Jamba Juice. 

Let me explain: 

Anybody who has ever attended college knows that the price of text books is well, astronomical. If you ever attended college you would also know that selling text books back is about the most ridiculous and largest rip-off known to man.

A typical semester would go like this:

First day of school: Drop 600 buckaroonies on 2-3 text books. Look at empty wallet. Cry. 

Last day of school: Dust books off. Turn in for 25 dollars. Rejoice because you are 25 dollars richer. Cry after you realize you actually lost 575 dollars (I’m really good at math, I know). 

In past experience, I would put my “sell back” money in an envelope and put it towards text books the following semester. It never went very far, but hey, every dollar counts!! This semester was no ordinary semester however. It just so happens that I took MY LAST FINAL in college this week! Yep, I Brianna Jill, will never again be pained by the depressing, and money sucking cost of text books. 

Seeing as this would be the last time I ever sold back a text book, I strolled happily to the bookstore, turned in my text book valued at 1 arm and 1 leg, and received 10 dollars in return. I thought about stashing this precious 10 dollars for future expenses but instead thought, “what the heck, I’m buying lunch.” 

Now, with the above facts in mind, this Jamba Juice could technically be valued at 4 years’ worth of text book money. And just to give you a rough estimate…that’s about 3,200 dollars. Wow baby. 

Best Jamba Juice I’ve ever had.

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