Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Testing Woes

When taking an exam there is nothing worse than…

sitting in front of a leg shaker. It starts with a slow rumble and before you know it, it feels like you are in the middle of an earthquake. Frantically you look around to see what is going on when out of the corner of your eye you see behind you, your neighbors knee bouncing up and down like there is no tomorrow. Seriously? Are you purposefully trying to sabotage my bubble sheet? Hold still!

having to go to the bathroom (maybe that’s why there are leg shakers?)

having Cadbury eggs in your back pack. At first you start out by telling yourself “Every 50 questions I will reward myself with one Cadbury egg.” But before you know it you are rewarding yourself with one Cadbury egg per question and feeling sick as a dog by the time you reach question 70.

sitting in front of a sickie. Most the time I feel sorry for those who are ill during finals week; other times I just feel incredibly bothered. I know, how rude of me, right? But as much as I love feeling someone coughing behind me and interrupting my thought process with hacking noises and sniffles, I think I’d rather take a test without them.

realizing you still have your to-do list written all over your hand. “Oh no!” you think, “It totally looks like I’m cheating.” Gulp. Frantically you begin licking your fingers and trying to rub “pay rent” off your hand, when you see a testing center worker eying you from the back. “Shoot, now they think I am wiping away evidence. I promise it’s just my to-do list!” Then, after all that panic, you come up with the ridiculous solution to just sit on your hand the whole rest of the test in order to avoid the situation all together.

filling in the last bubble on the 4th column (each column has 25 questions each, in case you were wondering) and realizing you still have 2 more columns to go.

getting a brain cramp. You can see exactly where that blasted answer is on your notes but it’s like your brain has turned against you and refuses to let you recall what you had written down in that spot you can envision oh-so-perfectly. How rude.

sitting by an air-conditioning vent; cold air blowing up your pants and shirt, test flopping around everywhere, goose bumps pricking your arms and freshly shaved legs, and scratch paper blowing away. There is nothing ideal about that situation.

Oh the woes of test taking.

On the other hand, there is nothing better than…

taking your last final of the semester and walking out of the testing center feeling light as a feather.

In a few hours, that’s going to be me. Hurrah!


  1. Yay so jealous you're almost done!!!

  2. HAHAHA i laughed out loud at this. especially the cadbury eggs. and you thought 25 eggs was a lot? hahaha i knew you'd eat the whole bag.