Tuesday, April 10, 2012

the times

Wow, so much time goes between my blog posts lately. I remember the days when I would post 3 and 4 days a week…those were the days. Those were also the days when all my free time wasn’t occupied with Rob, haha.

I can’t believe it is already April—last I checked it was September 2008. Even though I still have one class left to take in the spring, I sort of feel like I’m graduating in a couple weeks…I mean, it is my last full semester in college…EVER. That is so bizarre. I definitely don’t feel old enough to be graduating yet.

As I’ve been walking on campus the past couple days I’ve been feeling ridiculously nostalgic. There are just so many things about this place and about college life that I am going to miss. Here’s my list so far, though I’m betting I will add about 100 more bullet points by the time I really leave.

1. Campus: BYU has the most gorgeous campus around…especially in the spring. It smells like flowers 24/7

2. Sleeping through an alarm only to dash up a much too steep, much too long, hill.

3. The library. I never thought I would say that, because in all honesty I am quite sick of that place, but it doesn’t mean I won’t miss it. I love how loud the silence is there…like you can hear the wheels turning in students brains as they pick apart text books and hash out procrastinated papers.

4. J Dawgs. Don’t worry though, that place will be in my heaven—I will eat their again at some point!

5. Scooter rides. Nothing beats wind blowing in my hair and the line of cars following behind my 10mph speed in a 30mph zone.

6. Exams. Just kidding. I am completely content to never set foot in the testing center again once I’ve graduated.

7. Apartment life. While it can be rough, I will miss the late night chats, baking fests, laughter, “Chopped” marathons, grocery trips, dance parties, cleaning check cleaning, facebook stalking, movie watching, and peanut butter gorging that comes along with an apartment full of girls.

8. The BYU candy counter. Enough said.

9. Familiar faces. I can’t believe how many people I recognize on campus. Maybe it’s a sign that I’ve been here for too long, but I think it’s pretty cool how many people you come into contact with when you are in college.

10. Family. Having a brother, sister and cousins at BYU at the same time as me has been THE BEST.

11. Football games. Nothing beats a BYU football game…I love them to death.

12. Being exhausted 24/7. NOT. My sleeping habits and my tiredness level better improve by the time I’m a graduate!

13. Sunday dinners at the Craig household.

14. Studying on a bench in the sun during an hour break of class.

15. Being surrounded by 20-something-year-olds.

16. My Professors…there have been a few that have seriously changed my life.

17. Wearing a backpack full of practically everything I need to survive for say, a week or so.

18. Free T-shirts and free food.

19. The cycle of feeling like a little girl one minute, and an adult the next. Repeat.

20. Coming home for holidays and spur of the moment weekends.

21. Ward prayer in which I slip in for a cookie and slip out before anyone notices I was there.

22. Being a student.

Wow. Haven’t posted an entry that long in a while. I just can’t believe the end is in sight. And while I’m ready to close a chapter of my life and open a new one…it’s definitely going to be sad saying goodbye. In Charles Dickens words, “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times”. And I’ve loved ALL of them.


  1. I love this post. I've been feeling like that too lately. It's so crazy how fast time goes!

    M loves D

  2. wow this is very deep sister.