Monday, September 5, 2011

a few things on my mind...

-water is the most unsatisfying thing you can drink to quench your thirst after consuming ice cream

-I feel like an old woman at BYU when I tell people I’m a senior. 21 is not that old guys. Come on.

-the leaves are already starting to change and summer nights are starting to get chilly…I’m not ready for autumn yet.

-no one ever says their favorite fruit is a blueberry

-brushing your teeth in the shower is one of the most worthwhile things you can do. Try it, I dare you.

-i’m so excited for the Rascal Flatts concert I can hardly stand it

-my favorite color of nail polish is, and always will be, some shade of the color pink.

-I can’t wait for NFL to start. I’ve got a good feeling about this season…

-it is rare to meet someone named “Bob” these days (at least in my age group)

-clean floors and hair-free carpets make aaaalll the difference in the world.

-my new favorite game is “let’s see how many different foods go well with nutella”…currently everything in my cupboard goes splendidly.

-Having most of my family in Orem and Provo ROCKS

-I don’t want to go to school in the morning


Oh wait, one more thing:

A crocodile was just caught in the Philippines that weighs 1 ton.

Oh my.

You might as well call that thing a dinosaur.

Sooooo glad i live in Utah.

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  1. amen to brushing your teeth in the shower! once my friend told me she did that and i thought it was the weirdest thing ever. then i tried it and became a convert.