Sunday, July 17, 2011


Went shopping with this girl a couple days ago and had a good laugh when we encountered the new Justin Bieber perfume, better known as "Someday".

Here's the breakdown:

The name: not too clever
The commercial: cheesy (not to mention awkward...flying through clouds in between sprays and kisses? enough said)
The bottle: slightly over the top
The scent: AMAZING!

Seriously, it smells so good. But here's the thing: I could never purchase a perfume that belongs to the Biebs.

Picture this:

You are out and about doing who knows what, when someone gets a whiff of your newly sprayed perfume. They exclaim "wow you smell so good! What are you wearing?" In return your skin turns a light shade of red and you reply, in between coughs, "Justin (cough) Bieber (cough, cough)". thanks. No matter how good the smell, i just don't think i would ever be able to admit to wearing such a thing. Is that snobby of me? Or just completely commonsensical?

And in case you are wondering, commonsensical is a word. I just looked it up.

You know i love you Biebs, but not enough to wear your delicious smelling perfume.

If you have already purchased said scent...well, more power to ya!


  1. I am not kidding, I said this exact same thing to John when I smelled it! It is amazing! Just would be slightly embarrassing.

  2. hahaha I LOVE THIS! I am still considering buying it...but lets have that be our little secret. haha